stonework {artisan profile}

like wood, stone holds a fascination for many of us. the depth, the layers and the strong, rough quality that is shaped and changes form in our hands. especially for those of us who played on top of old stone walls winding through the trees and overgrown fields where our childhoods were spent, and for those of us who still crave the ever-changing and yet continuous solidity of natural materials, the materials we use to shape and build our physical lives.

and yet there is something emotional and beyond just the physical, as master stone workers are alchemists and when you watch them work, you notice that they lose themselves, often for hours, sometimes using force and sometimes with the lightest whisper touch. arches, walls, carvings, retainers, they blend function with beauty.
here are some of those who make up the maine stoneworker’s guild and their work at the 2012 common ground fair.

profiled: wyatt picard {winter’s end stonework}



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