Pocket Feast Game Dinner in The Shed {south portland, maine}

Hunters, fishermen, brewers and chefs gathered together to create a November menu that contained venison tartar, boar belly banh mi, perch fry with shoestrings, spelt rye bucatini with bone broth, pheasant, hare pie, barbecued hearts (my personal favourite), bearclaws with actual bear meat,  husk cherries and autumn olive sorbet. . . namedropping just a handful of the foods those of us growing up in Maine know well, and some that we’ve never had. The magic of the local chefs who created this incredible menu is that it’s both comfortingly familiar and exotically creative.  Josh Potocki and Tom Duffly were joined by guest chefs Nate Nadeau, Brant Dadaleares and Renee Landry.

Paired with local libations, from Geaghan Brothers, Kennebec River Brewery, Bigelow Brewing Co., and a Gut Punch composed of whisky, apple cider, roots and spices, I’m surprised no one had to be rolled out the door. It was an amazing night in an incredibly decorated space dubbed The Shed, behind SoPo Wine Co,, and decked out in plenty of camo gear and hunting motif fabric (Kate wanted to thank the ladies at the Mardens fabric department whom I love as well), hand warmers, pumpkins and bits and pieces of animals, wings, pelts, skulls. . . from the imaginations of Kate Schier-Potocki and Mariah Pisha-Duffly. If you aren’t familiar with The Bread and Butter Catering Company and Pocket Brunch, check them out.

I don’t think I’ve seen quite so many smiles and heard so much laughter, nor have I heard a huge room go quite so quiet each time a new board of food was served.

More of these please!




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