morning glory bakery {artisan}

there is still a newspaper clipping on the collaged bathroom wall here of when i, along with the other bakers and counter girls, marched in the annual 4th of july parade in bar harbor, maine. . . and as was the annual tradition for the bakery, had a political message, duct taped mouth and all, carrying an american flag, it warms the cockles of my heart to see that still on the wall.

i still carry with me my years working at morning glory, as a counter girl and also as a baker; they were life-defining and inspiring times. the people i worked for and with remain dear friends and i’m thrilled that one of the sweetest of them all is now the new owner.

welcome to maria’s morning glory. . .home of incredible bagels and sticky buns, lines of locals and college of the atlantic students mixed in with summer tourists, and still (as always was) the best music/dance moves you’ll ever hear/see from ¬†of the back. . .



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