milk and honey

pies (caramel-pretzel ice cream, apple cheddar, rhubarb-cherry streusel, peanut butter and jelly), tarts (frangipane, raspberry-hazelnut, upside-down carmelized apple), cakes (banana-honey ice cream, Marron Suisse, honey-ricotta, strawberry summer and hazelnut praline), not to mention a whole list of savories to feast upon . . .

the lovely eliza bishop of milk & honey, cooks meals and sweet treats with equally lovely ingredients and “obsessive enthusiasm”.
i always adore knowing she’s making the cake for weddings i shoot, so getting to spend a cozy early winter day with her while she baked a carrot cake was a treat equal to the ones she creates.

this is who should be making your cakes, sweets, savories. . .  for dinner parties, cocktail get-togethers, and other intimate events.
and who you should be super excited for opening an eat-in/take-out spot in northeast harbor this summer. . . mmm.


milk & honey


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