february = love

in my eyes, every month and every story = love.

but as we’re right in the middle of the month that very exuberantly celebrates love, and i adore a good story*. . . here are some of my favourite love stories this year.

* interesting historical fact that may or may not be true. . .but it’s still a good story. . .apparently St. Valentine was a Roman priest when Emperor Claudias was persecuting the church and prohibiting the marriage of young people because his theory was that unmarried soldiers fought better than married ones who would be more afraid to die and leave behind wives and children so St. Valentine was secretly marrying people within the church, he was caught and tortured. . .and skip ahead to a day that encourages needless spending (grrr), lots of  hearts and flowers and engagements (yay to those last three). . . but most of all, we celebrate love. and since it’s the root of all things good and beautiful, i’m totally for a day that allows you to be mushy and tell everyone you love exactly how much you love them. xo


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