down east

you may remember steph from the shoot i did last year: she’s the gorgeous and talented papermaker of SHare Studios. i always relish a chance to hang out and be inspired. . . and although she wasn’t making paper, we romped in the frozen tundra, talked about girl stuff, laughed at her wild Indy dog and all around fun was had.

a few shots at the newest and hippest and of course yummiest take out place Town Hill Takeout with the dumpling queen, Jeb.




































so much of my childhood was spent here.  .  . we skated, skiied, hiked right here, and i remember cozy ice fishing afternoons and evenings on lakes all over maine well into adulthood. it’s been years and years since i’ve been and the mention of a bucket of smelts (panfried with some cornmeal and butter. . .mmmm) and seeing these as the setting sun chased the moon over the treetops, i was flooded with nostalgia and warmth despite the tundra temperatures.


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